To understand EDICT's mantra of truth, generosity and love, all you need to do is begin with an appreciation of premium crafted wines. Wines that are loved the most are the ones that remain true to the grape and its sense of place. Those three simple words have helped shape our beliefs that great wines are nurtured from wine to press to barrel to bottle and finally to your table.  The basic principles of truth, generosity and love guide our winemaking decisions - creating small production, hand-crafted, wines from the Napa Valley.

Napa Valley is the perfect place for EDICT. Here we have planted our roots, sharing our passion with our supporters via the fruits of our labor within this great community. Through EDICT, we are showing that truth, generosity and love are not just words to live by, but beliefs by which to make wine.

We hope you enjoy our wines both socially and paired with your favorite dishes.